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Mycampervan.co.nz.nz was founded by the owner who is a free wild soul. Traveling all over New Zealand escaping the world and experiencing the true joy of the vagabond. We’ve met as a team of campervan enthusiasts and we just clicked immediately. We all had the same mentality and we wanted to expand the world of campervans in New Zealand. 

Campervaners like us know a lot of secret spots, tricks, and tips that no one else knows, but we will share them with you on our blog pages. Each one of us is a campervan traveler and we do it all the time, this is how we like to live our lives, and we want to share those stories with you. More importantly, we want you to build on our experience and learn from it. 

We started talking about our experiences and the rest is history. Every group tells us about how wonderful the land of New Zealand is and how they went through a journey. Campervans are such a great vehicle you can use for living outside and experiencing the true landscapes of New Zealand. You can do all of that with your family and friends safely with our website mycampervan.co.nz.nz. 

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