Motorhome travel in New Zealand

Traveling around New Zealand in a Campervan or Motor home can be amazing. Just checking out the amazing countryside is the best part of the holiday. These mobile houses are the way to escape from the stress of everyday life. They are the means to see the whole island by hiking around the forest and seeing the rare creatures and birds from close quarters. It gives an excellent outlook about the place. They are made with the travelers in mind. They are cheap, comfortable, safe and easy to maintain. Why not take a Campervan around New Zealand?

New Zeland itself is situated in the southern hemisphere of the planet. It is on the southern tip of the Tri-border of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. It has a shape like a football with a radius of 16,500 miles. It is the least populated country in the world. People believe New Zealand to be the second smallest country in the world. There are more people in New Zealand than in New York. This is a major source of excitement. This place is on the list of most desirable places in the world.

New Zealand is famous for it’s scenery and landscapes. In New Zealand there are more than 50 national parks and UNESCO biosphere reserves. It has a unique natural environment. There are more than 300 bird species. There are a lot of other rare wildlife species, freshwater zone and endemic plants. There are a lot of volcanoes in the land of the Moa.

The summers are mild and dry. It is said that the winters in New Zealand are not as cold as in Australia. But this is not true. It’s always mild and hot throughout the year. The winters are mild and dry and are quite pleasant. During the summers, you can visit places like Rotorua to experience the tropical paradise. Rotorua is the place to be in during the summer.

There are two seasons. The wet season starts in December and is concluded in April. There is a drier, warmer season from July through September. There is a dry season from October through March. It’s also the season when you can go camping.

There are lots of resorts in the southern hemisphere. There are many hotels and motels. But they have the same price. The rest of the places in the place have low rents.

The weather during the summer is hot and humid. During the winter it is cold and dry. During the winter there is snowfall in many places. There are lots of native animals.