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This is where you will find everything you need campervan related including; campervans in New Zealand, best exploration spots, and how to choose the optimal campervan for you. 

Because we are 100% NZ owned and operated, we are trusted by people all over New Zealand. We are a website that helps people who want campervans for traveling in New Zealand, tips and tricks when camping and how you can maintain your campervan to experience true escapism. 

You will find information about: 

Sprinter Caravans if your goal is to get the best of all. 

Vanagons Caravans if  you love the old style of campervans and want a slice of the past. 

Eurovans if you really want the experience of a powerful engine that you can rely on.

Conversion vans if you love the spacious interior and the ability to customize. 

Our team works very hard to find you the best articles for campervans as well as other tips that maximize the experience. This is tried and true information that we have had success with and we are sure you’ll love all tips our tricks aswell. 

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Why mycampervan.co.nz:

We are first and foremost a part of the campervan community in New Zealand which means we want to help our fellow adventurers feel the thrill and experience the joys of campervans.

We are also a team of experienced writers who have experienced some of the toughest and most fun terrains in New Zealand. 


Road trips: 

Coromandel to Rotorua then on to Taupo: Want to experience the beauty of the sea and Cathedral Cove with Te Hoho Rock, well this is a road trip for you that we definitely recommend. By the way, this is also where the Hobbiton movie set was shot, so ask around the locals and they’ll show you the marvelous lush greens of Hobbleton. 

Lake Takepo to Mount Cook: Want to feel surrealism, visit the lake and you’ll see how unreal the beauty of the land is. This road trip is truly a dreamland. 

Auckland to Bay of Islands Loop: This is an absolute beauty of a road trip you’re going to love with your campervan. We recommend this road trip to beginners since you’ll see a lot of what NZ has to offer along with some local culture. 

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